It seems that tattoos are getting trendier every year.

These days, tattoo ideas can be found and seen just about anywhere, from television commercials for dog food and country music videos, to the arms, chests, and smalls of the backs of the biggest Hollywood movie stars.

Tattoo ideas and inspiration

Yes, it seems that everyone is sporting ink, and as tattoos become more and more mainstream, those people without tattoos are starting to rethink their positions.

Once upon a time, not so long ago, tattoos were looked upon as a symbol of rebellion.

People with tattoos were considered part of the counterculture; bikers, gangsters, musicians, sailors, etc.

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Tattoos back then were shorthand for a rough-and-tumble lifestyle and often instilled fear in others.

In that time, tattoos in the workplace were virtually unheard of.

However, as times changed and an increasing number of people in the mainstream culture began to get tattoos, many employers were forced to look beyond what was on someone’s skin and rather at what the employee could contribute.

As tattoos became mainstream and increasingly accepted across all social lines, the stigma associated with them has decreased.

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Nowadays, everyone from the investment banker to the soccer mom with the small ankle tat hinting at her wild side, are getting tattoos.

Because of their current popularity, many people may reason that peer pressure is one of the largest reasons for people to get tattoos.

And while this may be true, perhaps just as many people who wanted tattoos did not get them due to a peer pressure not to.

Are there any other reasons people might get tattoos?

Of course.

One reason people get tattoos is to cover scars on their body.

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Scars are forever and so is a tattoo, yet a well done tattoo can turn a simple mar, simply marvelous.

People also get tattoos as a memorial, or way to remember a person, place or significant event in their lives.

The most popular reason, by far, for getting tattoos is self-expression.

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Tattoos are now part of today’s youth culture, forcing society at large to keep their eyes open and look beyond the stereotype that tattoos once portrayed.

Tattoos are no longer considered bad, they are instead a social trend which allows people to express themselves in ways not possible before.

Despite a rocky history in recent years, it looks like tattoos are here to stay.

Tattoo Ideas and Designs