There are quite a few mistakes that people can make when it comes to getting tattoos.

Some people forget that a tattoo is going to be with them permanently and they just get a tattoo on a whim.

It is vital that you do all your thinking about getting a tattoo before and not after the event.

The worst thing would be to wake up the morning after you have had your tattoo applied and realizing that you have made a mistake – it is already too late.

Here are some common mistakes that people make when it comes to tattoos:

  1. The most frequent mistake that people make is to get the name of a romantic interest tattooed on their body. This really is a big no-no because doing so is almost sure to jinx your relationship. Most relationships don’t last, but tattoos are there forever.
  2. Another huge mistake is to have some text misspelled on your body. This is why you should always double-check and do a spell-check. Write the text in marker on your head if this helps. This is another reason why you should not go anywhere near a cheap tattoo artist; they are prone to this type of mistake.
  3. Avoid trying to be too funny by getting something that ends up looking gross and offensive.
  4. Never get a tattoo on impulse as you are really likely to end up with something that you will regret. Spend some time thinking about your tattoo and make sure it is something that you are going to want on your body forever. Avoid getting something too outrageous.
  5. Remember that not all tattoo artists are good at making portrait designs; instead of ending up with an image of someone you could easily end up with something that belongs in a horror film. If you want a portrait design make sure you go to an artist who is good at this type of thing.