It is possible to get a tattoo on almost any part of your body, but there are still parts of the body that are still very much considered taboo for tattoos.

Seeing somebody with a design on their neck or face can still come as a shock to most people.

In fact, seeing a person with this type of body art could really lower your opinion of them.

Despite this though, we should realize that just because a person has a neck or facial tattoo it does not mean that they are dangerous or bad people.

It is hard not to be shocked when you first see this type of tattoo, but you should keep in mind that this is how that person wants to express themselves and they should be allowed to do that.

It is a shame but even though some tattoos have become acceptable the facial and neck tattoo remain as controversial as ever.

Most people just don’t view a tattoo on the face as adding beauty but instead see it as a blemish and they wonder why anyone would do it to themselves.

Musician Holly Brewer has a facial tattoo but admits that this type of thing just isn’t socially accepted, and people are often overly critical when they see it.

For most people adding a tattoo is detracting from your beauty and not adding to it.

I suppose though that we can all take comfort in the old saying that beauty is only skin deep and get as many tattoos as we feel happy with.

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