No matter what you might hear to the contrary there is no real way of telling just how much pain you will feel during a tattoo application procedure.

Your own mental approach can have a great impact on the experience; if you are positive it is likely to hurt far less.

If you are fearful and anxious then the tension created in your body is likely to make the whole thing feel more painful.

As you can see a lot depends on your attitude when talking about the pain of the procedure.

As described previously, having a tattoo involves a needle piercing your skin, and this is likely to cause at least a bit of discomfort.

It does not really matter where you have the tattoo or how small it is there is still likely to be a small bit of pain.

Your personal tolerance to pain will determine your comfort during the procedure; some people feel practically nothing while other people feel much discomfort.

Different parts of your tattoo are likely to cause different amounts of pain.

The needles pierce your skin at a very fast rate and at different depths.

The outline of a tattoo is often the most painful as the needles need to go deeper into the skin; this is to ensure that the black line stand out from the rest of the tattoo.

The shading is usually the least painful part of any tattoo.

Here are some suggestions to ensure that the pain from you tattoo will be at a minimum.

  1. Choose a tattoo artist that make you feel at ease.
  2. If your tattoo artist seems professional and competent then you are more likely to trust him and thus be less anxious.
  3. Don’t get a tattoo when drunk or high; drugs like alcohol thin the blood so that you bleed more.
  4. Arrive determined and patient; a good tattoo will take time.
  5. If the pain gets too much then take a break. If it is really bad you could come back on a different day.
  6. Use music or other distractions like relaxation techniques to get you through the tattoo application.

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