Some people love their tattoos and want to get more of them. Should this be problem if there partner just doesn’t approve.

What do you do?

Is it best just to keep your partner happy by not getting anymore, or should you do follow your desires and just get one anyway.

The answer to this question will likely differ from person to person, but it would be interesting to know how people deal with the situation.

As far as many people are concerned it is their body and they should be able to do what they want with it; this is an understandable argument.

If you love somebody though, you will want to respect them and you might be willing to sacrifice certain things to keep them happy.

Some partners might feel differently about their other half getting a tattoo depending on where it is before or after they get married; some people develop a more conservative attitude in marriage. 

It might not make complete sense, but this is often the case.

This is all a really interesting topic and it would be nice to know how people deal with their partner disapproving of them getting tattoos.

Another dilemma would be what to do if your partner wants you to get a tattoo and it is you that doesn’t really approve of them.

Would you be willing to make the sacrifice in order to make them happy?

If your partner forbade it would you just go ahead and get a tattoo anyway?

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