If you are going to be getting a tattoo then the one thing that you will need to remember is to keep calm, and no matter what happens don’t panic. This probably seems like advice that is far easier to give then it is to apply, but it is important.

What you don’t want is becoming all anxious during a tattoo and ending up having some type of anxiety episode; this is not going to make the process easier.

If you are prepared for your tattoo then you should be able to avoid all this.

Remember that your tattoo application is likely going to hurt quite a bit. You will need to get yourself prepared for this mentally.

If you don’t deal well with pain, then you will probably be best advised to have your first tattoo somewhere like your upper arm or shoulder; or any area that isn’t too bony.

If pain is going to be an issue then you will certainly want to avoid getting a tattoo on places like your hands, feet, ribcage, lower back, or neck because these areas are definitely going to hurt quite a lot.

It is advised that you avoid taking any pain relief medication before a tattoo because this may mean that you will bleed more; the tattoo artist will find it harder to do their best work if they have to be constantly wiping blood out of the way.

Afterwards you will be able to get some over-the-counter medications but you will just have to make it through the procedure without it. One way of dealing with the pain is to provide yourself with a bit of distraction; you might bring along your mp3 player and listen to your favourite music.

Most tattoo artists will be happy to chat away with you so long as they are not doing a part of the tattoo that requires a lot of concentration.

When it comes to getting your tattoo all you can really do is prepare yourself mentally.

Don’t drink or take any drugs before you arrive and come rested.

Make sure you have had a good breakfast and that you slept well the night before.

When things get too much you can concentrate on your breathing or ask the tattoo artist to stop for a minute.

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