After the tattoo session, the finest treatment is just a simple process of giving you bad sunburn. During the beginning hours just retain the protective dressing that was applied. After removing the protective dressing, you may gently clean with water and soap and then apply a very thin film of antibiotic ointment like Bacitracin or any other triple ointments that serves as an antibiotic and is available over the counter

. This process may be repeated on the second and even the third days. After such steps, try to keep the area clean everyday and lubricate lightly with a little amount of Vaseline to be able to lessen the crusting which will also lessen the itch. The plastic surgeons clean the wounds and moist for the smallest formation of a scar. Do not swim yet on the first day or even the second day after the tattoo process.

Common Misconceptions

First misconception is the Vaseline fades out the tattoo. The ink is found under the outer layer of the dermis and the epidermis. There is really no way that the Vaseline may go down through the epidermis to be able to bring out any of the ink rendered.

Next misconception is that swimming will fade out the tattoo too. Using the same reasoning above, the pool chlorine will not get to the ink rendered to cause it to fade. A common sense precaution include avoid swimming in a public pool if you have a raw sore like a new tattoo while it is still completely raw or still oozing. After the first two days, the surface on the tattoo is resistant and based on a personal experience and a science background; it is favorable if you would like to swim.

Some Bad Things for the New Tattoo

SAUNA or STEAMROOM: Once your tattoo is healed, there is very little chance that you will mess up with your tattoo. Exception to the rule is a prolonged exposure to the sun. Another is scarring.

SUNLIGHT: The newer inks are better at avoiding the fading process. Whatever you do, if you decide to spend more time under the sun you tattoo will eventually fade that is, over a lifetime and not over one week. You better try to avoid the bright sunlight as much as possible. Try to use common sense and try to consider your tattoo as a sort of an investment.

The culture of today has mistakenly tagged being tanned as healthy. But your tan is actually the way that your skin is dealing with the damage brought about by the sun’s rays. It is similar with a scab formation whenever you encountered a cut. You will indeed for the years of the exposure of the sun when you reach the age of 40s and 50s.

The tanning booths are not good for the skin and are not FDA regulated at all. The staff working at the salons is always known to say false information. Many operators of the salon suggest many dosages that exceed the recommendations of the industry. The FDA prefers that such booths be banned ultimately. Try not to believe the operators of these salons who will say that there is no damage originated from the UV rays. There are also some indications that the tanning booths discharge rays causing the damage type that will be present many years later when it is really hard to find fault with the operator. The motto of their industry is tan safe. Actually so sorry to say that there is really no safe tan.

Sun Tanning Fades Tattoos, Not Only Damages your Skin

The rays of the ultraviolet light damage your skin and may get below the skin’s outermost surface. This is the reason why skin cancers are promoted by sun tanning excessively. The following information is about sunblock and sun care:

  • It is best that you use products that do not block your pores. If your sunblock makes you feel itchy or makes you break out, this may be the possible cause.
  • Try to avoid sunblock that has a PABA content that is found to carcinogenic.
  • The SPF means Sun Protection Factor. If you stay out normally for ten minutes without being sunburnt, then an SPF 2 may protect you for twenty minutes or so. An SPF 6 may protect you for one hour and so on. But this does not signify that an SPF 30 will allow you to stay out for five hours with just one coat of application. Try to limit your exposure to a minimum and use always an extra strong sunblock with at least SPF 30 for your tattoo.
  • The sunblock’s that are waterproof and sweat proof protect you while you are in the water. But the water reflections may add up to your exposure. So ensure that you use a high SPF number and reapply always your sunblock especially when you are coming out of the water.
  • The sunblock is really not just for the beach. Ensure that you have a habit to bring one with you always during the sunny months so that you may always protect your tattoo. The Watermelon Stick from the Body Shop is portable and nice. Having just a pinch and a lip balm tube will work for you as long as it has an SPF. Put a bit on your tattoo if you decide to go outside.

Process of Caring for my New Tattoo

Take some time to listen to your tattoo artist about your new tattoo care. There are many shops with an information sheet on listing instructions on care. This listing may not be the same process that your artist offers. In whatever way, here are three items to remember about your new tattoo care:

  • Moisturize your tattoo.
  • Do not over moisturize your tattoo.
  • And whatever you intend to do, do not pick your peel scabs of onion.

It is a basic thing that as long as you follow the said three points, you will turn out okay. But as more people get more tattoos, they start to try out slightly many various methods. Some people will find out that they are allergic to a particular product. So how will you know which method is best for you? It will really depend on your skin type and the sensitivity of your skin. It is suggested to try first a patch test on your skin for more than one week or so to check if you will react to the ingredients.

I have discovered personally a very nice new kit for tattoos that is advisable to be used when you will go out to get a tattoo. The set consists of the product line of Johnson’s which includes baby shampoo, baby powder, baby lotion, ointment for diaper rash, baby bath, and a bonus. Others prefer a baby bib as a bonus.

  • Baby Powder. Try to sprinkle a moderate amount on the sheets of the hotel bed so as to prevent the skin from sticking to the sheet.
  • Baby Bath: Use a liquid soap that smells like a fruit. It is considered very mild and has minimal amount of lathering. If you have the chance to wash the tattoo using baby bath soap, it will be able to rinse off very easily with water that is non-pressurized thus lessening the risk of losing scabs.
  • Baby Lotion: The brand of Johnson’s feels not that greasy and your skin will not look like that oily.
  • Diaper Rash Ointment: It is advisable to utilize the thick ointment that is non-greasy and zinc oxide-based on the contact spots of the tattoo that may possibly rub against the clothes like waist band, bra strap, among others.

Other people recommend different lotions and ointments. They even guaranteed that the Tea Tree Oil toner from the Body Shop for the toner’s healing qualities. Others prefer the A&D Ointment and the least expensive is maybe the regular Vaseline Intensive Care.

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