Ambigram Tattoo Ideas & Designs

The ambigram tattoos are just a typographic style and do not have a particular symbolism.

What are meaningful or special to the tattoo wearer are the symbols or words they select to be able to place it into this specific style.

Most of the people prefer to have ambigram tattoos since they are an extraordinary method to show a common tattoo theme.

Earth, air, fire ambigram tattoo

There are many people who like to make use of the rotational style for their chosen ambigram tattoos.

What makes this an interesting alternative is that the words are done to make it identical and may be read in both directions, up and down.

Another appealing option for this style is the asymmetric rotational ambigram or the symbiotogram.

Ambigram neck tattoo

In this said style, there are two separate words that are done to look the same when viewed at one angle and become different in an obvious manner when it is viewed from an opposing direction.

Symbiotograms are well-known among those people who prefer to convey a nature duality.

You may likely see words like devil and angel, or hate and love.

Carpe diem ambigram tattoo

Found to be interesting styles are the reflected and perceptual change in ambigram tattoos.

The mode of perceptual change as differed to the rotational theme need a view change instead of the orientation.

Ambigram wrist tattoo

Using this style, you may create a single word that may say one close up item and another item from a particular spectacle depending on the view.

The mirror-image or the reflected ambigram is extraordinary.

It is actually the same word going forwards and backwards and may be seen in the same direction viewing in and out of a reflection based on a mirror.

Faith hope ambigram tattoo

Even if the words are used in the most common manner for the ambigram tattoos, the symbols may be used.

Flowers, eyes and tribal patterns are utilized often for this specific fashion.

But these are viewed not that often by themselves and are utilized generally as name borders, or phrases or even the dates.

Faith, hope, love ambigram tattoo

If you would like to utilize symbols instead of words in your ambigram art piece, you may prefer to utilize the ambigram in three-dimensional wherein the item is shown in a way that it looks as if it will transform when it is seen from various angles.

Father ambigram tattoo

The ambigram tattoos may also formulate outstanding armband pieces.

The chain ambigram connects words which enables them to replicate.

You may utilize any word or even words that you prefer to form a chain around your wrist or upper arm.

You may also prefer to attempt the figure-ground or fractal ambigrams for an armband design.

Forever friends ambigram tattoo

An ambigram is a variable symbol that will remain the same no matter how you view it. It may be a fabulous symbol for both the design and the tattoo wearer to carry.