Anchor Tattoo Ideas & Designs

Anchor tattoo is a strong symbol that is commonly connected with sailors.

Anchor represents protection and achievement as well as it signifies strong personality for the person who wears it.

Anchor hand tattoo

The function of an anchor is to make things steady and in place, to stabilize and to calm an otherwise rocky sailing.

It is a symbol that is strong enough to hold strong current and boat to its place for safety.

Pirate with anchor tattoo

There are different elements and designs that go together with the anchor to further step up its image and add more personal meaning to the anchor emblem.

A swallow for instance is a common image in maritime industry is being used with anchor.

Colourful anchor with bird tattoo

Banners, wheels, ropes, compasses, name and quotes are some of the most common images that are associated with the anchor design.

Anchor and compass tattoo

However, there are instances wherein images such as vines or snakes are seen wrapped around the anchor’s shank.

Other images such as flowers and heart often seen together with an anchor present a whole different look and meaning to it.

Others would design the overall look of the anchor by placing an ornate crown on the ring or simply hangs around the stock.

Anchor foot tattoo

Nonetheless, there are a number of people who prefer a simple anchor tattoo rendition to be simple and uncomplicated.

Most of the time, the design is always the highlighted with little or no ornaments at all.

The anchor in its straightforward presentation is often shown in thick black outlines tapering in the middle.

Flowery anchor tattoo

There are other versions of these designs that only shows pure thick black anchor in silhouette form, but to break the monotony of the black ink, sometimes the small embracing bright red rose around the shank is shown.

Anchor with map tattoo

Other people prefer a metallic look of the anchor which is a bit realistic in nature.

A tint of gold and silver colour is used to achieve the steel-looking anchor that looks tough and realistic.

To make the anchor design more personalized, flags, emblems, family crests or names are composed beside it.

Octopus and anchor tattoo

One of the most traditional images along with anchor tattoos is the mermaid in curly blonde hair in seductive look with green or blue ocean on the background.

An anchor is such a plain and simple image.

However with the combination of some personalized and interesting design, it comes alive in the skin of those who have some story to tell why they like it there in the first place.