Angel-Devil Tattoo Ideas & Designs

Over the years, angels have been regarded primarily as messenger of God, the guardian of human, the symbol of fortification and the keepers of dreams.

However, angels appear a lot more than what the bible story have told us.

Angel with devil mask tattoo

This is mainly because artists, in their own rendition have incorporated a pictographic version of the angels.

Angel reflecting in mirror as devil tattoo

Sometimes it can be as simple as two wings spreading along or as intricate as Michael Angelo’s paintings, while other artists would render it in tribal manner or as dark as Rob Zombie or Wes Craven’s.

Angel and devil kissing tattoo

Lucifer was once a trusted angel of God. In his vanity and his desire to be mightier than the creator, God cast him away from the heavens and he became the devil.

Lucifer became the most feared contradictory of good and the father of lies.

Simple black devil and angel tattoo

Thus the devil became synonymous with wrong doings and bad things.

However in the world of tattoo designs, the devil doesn’t necessarily possess its traditional meanings—not exactly.

Angel in love with devil tattoo

In the tattoo world, the devil simply means desire or a representation of intense sexual being.

People who feel sexy or want to project a sexy image are the ones who are drawn to have angel devil tattoo on their skin.

They simply want to have a powerful persona via the tattoo.

Man being angel and devil tattoo

Having this kind of tattoo is simply telling the world their inner desires and they want everybody to know this.

The wings of the angel on their tattoos simply signify the protection and comfort of the angels can give in a suggestive manner.

Devil and angel as a loving couple tattoo

The angel devil tattoo for men serves another purpose.

It automatically gives off strength and a “bad boy” image to them, which in turn can be attractive to women who admire tough and protective men.

However, for women, the angel devil tattoo can make them feel and look sexier and desirable but protected at the same time.

Devil and angel wings tattoo

Different cultures have different interpretation of tattoos since time being.

In the contemporary set up such as ours, it is important to have a balance of it in our society to be acceptable.

And as of now, the angel devil tattoos have come a long way.

It balanced-out for both gender and everyone seems happy with the variation of designs that emanates from the idea of the angel devil tattoo.