Angel Tattoo Ideas & Designs

Angel tattoos are one of the most popular tattoos both for men and women.

The placement of an angel tattoo on the body of those who want it there may be varied.

It can be placed almost anywhere in the body and still shines.

Angel with eye tattoo

Basically, an angel tattoo has a religious origin. It usually symbolizes the wearer’s religious inclination and devotion.

Male angel tattoo

Although angels can be found in various religions, Christianity is the most popular source of angels that translated into tattoo designs.

One of the most popular and sought after is the angel St. Michael the Archangel, who according to the story is the angel that fought and defeated Satan.

Angel and cross tattoo

For others, having an angel tattoo is a commemoration or serves as a memory of someone they loved that died.

Having an angel as a remembrance of someone who passed away is much appreciated rather than a tombstone or an R.I.P. sign as tattoo.

Fighting angel tattoo

It looks more graceful, gentle and positive. That is why a lot of women are attracted in the angel design for their tattoos.  

Classic angel tattoo

Besides religion as a reason for angel tattoos, there are those who have it in their skin as an art form.

Fallen angels are among those popular artistic renditions of angels on the other side of the fence.

Artists who render fallen angels are up for the edge of rendering the most imaginative look such as variations in the wings, the pose, the body as well as the accessories related with the subject.

Sitting angel tattoo

Tattoos are very personal symbol to those who wears it.

A single red rose may look mundane to you but for the wearer it holds something significant that only he knows. It’s the same with angel tattoos.

Angel in glory tattoo

It is not just religious in nature but it signifies something like the expression of the triumph of good and evil related to his past that he always wants to remember as a reminder.

There is always a deep if not a good story behind every tattoo.

Fallen angel tattoo

For curiosity’s satisfaction, you can ask a tattoo wearer why he/she has an angel tattoo and what is the story behind it is.

It can lead to an interesting conversation because a lot of people love to tell the story behind the symbol and its significance in his/her life.