Angel’s Wings Tattoo Ideas & Designs

The wings of an angel are the single most dominant symbol in its image. It reflects beauty, divinity and innocence in expressive iconic spirituality.

However, in tattoo, the angels and angel’s wings doesn’t always have to suggest spirituality.

Angel’s wings with cross tattoo

Most often than not it bears personal meaning than the universal connotation we always associate angels with.

Angel’s wings could also mean freedom, flight and free roaming high above the clouds that could easily be associated with a free-spirited personality of the tattoo wearer.

Angel’s wing shoulder tattoo

It could also mean a child-like personality or innocence with a feeling of calmness and harmony.

The angels and angel’s wings could signify comfort, protection, guardian, spirituality and emotion.

Angel’s wings back tattoo

Back in ancient Egypt, the angels signify majesty, mysticism and mighty power.

If you decide to have an angel’s wings on your skin as tattoo, you can have it paired with complimenting images such as heart, animals, halos, fonts or with cross.

Colourful angel’s wing arm tattoo

Variations of angels such as cherubim or seraphim could also be used depending on your liking.

You can also attach the angel’s wings on any images you like and the most popular ones are those names with angel’s wings on it.

Angel’s wings chest tattoo

People choose this kind of image because they want to attach something memorial on a name.

It can be the name of their dearly departed ones that are now in the company of heavenly angels.

Angel’s wings back tattoo

One of the most popular and awesome variation of angel’s wings tattoo design is the placement of the tattoo on the shoulder blades of the tattoo wearer.

It simply simulates the exact location of the angel’s wings.

Nicole Richie and Kelly Osborne are among the celebrities that wear an angel’s wings on their shoulder blades.

Wings tattooed on feet

The colour of the angel’s wings also connotes another meaning.

Although it is quite unusual to see a colourful angel’s wings as a tattoo, everyone should be careful of choosing the right colour for their tattoo if they decide to have it.

Arm with angel’s wing tattoo

Black angel’s wings of course signify a “bad” image or suffice to say a fallen angel image.

It is the most common tattoo image among the Gothic community.

White angel’s wing tattoos are synonymous with heavenly being, purity and is the most common tattoo colour of all.