Animal Tattoo Ideas & Designs

People often associate their personality on certain animals.

That is the reason why many have pets in their house such as dogs, fish, cats, birds and even go as far as snakes, iguanas and other wild animals domesticated as pets.

Colourful dogs tattoo

There are those who have a particular preference on wild beasts or have a particular liking on “unusual” pets.

However, some would want to express their love for the animal kingdom via having it tattooed on their skin.

Fierce animals are the most favorite designs for tattoo such as tigers, lions, bears, wolves and snakes.

Lion arm tattoo

Along with these beasts are rich outdoor backgrounds of forest in different atmosphere of snow, dessert and woods.

With the abundance of folklores and stories told about beasts in different cultures all over the world, the theme for animal tattoo can be wide and colourful.

Fox tattoo

You can have coyote as tattoo and project it according to the Native American lore of shape-shifting beast.

You can also have a horse as a tattoo galloping near the sea which is an elegant image of power and intelligence in Chinese stories.

A Giraffe tattoo with a protruding neck over your leg could signify intuitiveness or psychic ability thus representing your personality.

Elephant frontal tattoo

Marine animals such as whales, sharks and dolphins are also popular.

It signifies free-spirited nature of the tattoo wearer.

There are those who also prefer “odd” sea creatures as their tattoo such as Zooplankton for the reason of free-floating attitude that best describes the wearer’s thoughts.

Others would have Copepod as tattoo design which is an unusual choice of subject for a design but cool nonetheless.

Cat tattoo

The unusual and fascinating look of insects as a tattoo design continues to fascinate tattoo lovers everywhere.

This is mainly because insects give the creeps to people and insects have a deep sense of meaning to others.

Take for example the spider.

For years, the spider had been thought to symbolize growth, creativity and profound mystery.

In tattoos, spider is often illustrated with seductive eyes wrapping men over its web as a prey.

Abstract dog tattoo

Butterflies are also one of the most sought after tattoo design especially for women.

The colourful and fascinating shape of its wings and the flight-of-the-imagination meaning it brings makes it one of the most prominent tattoo design.

Scorpions also come close as the most popular tattoo design.

Lion chest tattoo

Its masculinity and the symbol of the sensual character as well as its menacing looks render a tattoo design to be awesome.

Bees and fireflies with a trail of sparkles behind it also make it to the top of insects and animals that occupy the long list of tattoo designs.

Cute kitten tattoo

Every tattoo enthusiasts have their own preference when it comes to animal design, because each animal represents something personal to a tattoo wearer.

The beauty and symbolism it brings will always remain fascinating and sources of inspiration among the designers; the reason why a lot of people still want to have a tattoo animal on their skin.