Aquarius Sign Tattoo Ideas & Designs

Aquarius is the most expressive among the zodiac sign, being such it tends to be creative, communicative and unconventional among the other signs.

Aquarius, being the water bearer can be intricate when translated into tattoo design, but cool and challenging.

Aquarius shoulder tattoo

The image of a robust young man spilling water from a jug or a beautiful maiden bathing and scooping water from the ocean proves to be seductive and full of meaning.

Aquarius back tattoo

Rendered in tattoo, the Aquarius sign can fly into the realm of fantasy images in a fairy-tale like or an adult dreamscape in surreal surroundings.

Male figure Aquarius tattoo

The Aquarius symbol, the glyph is also being used to represent the zodiac sign; however, most of the Aquarians do not want just the simple wave-like sign for their tattoos.

They want it in realistic rendition of waves. Some other want it rendered like the old Japanese woodblock oceans.

Manga style Aquarius tattoo

Besides water, there are many images that are associated with Aquarius such as the glyph, the water bearer, the planet Uranus, the turquoise sun stone and the air element.

Simple Aquarius symbol tattoo

Combining all these elements could make up a scene that makes Aquarius sign a unique and personal symbol of one’s identity.

Black Aquarius tattoo

Aquarius tattoo most of the time comes with the constellation design.

Being related with the stars that spread on the large portion of the body and outlined to form the image of the Aquarius is both unique and artistic rendition of the design.

Female figure Aquarius tattoo

The choice for the design is almost endless; there is no limit to where your imagination can take you with regards to re-designing the Aquarius sign.

Aquarius constellation tattoo

However, what is important is that you feel proud of whatever design you decided to have in your skin and it should personally represent your character.