Aries Sign Tattoo Ideas & Designs

People who are born under the Aries sign are typically brave, adventurous and daring.

The tattoo design under this zodiac should also represent the same.

Aries tattoos mostly are bold, colourful and large with the glyph in its bold “V” sign that basically suggests power.

Modern Aries tattoo

The ram from the Aries tattoo are often depicted in its realistic image can look menacing and impressive.

It is often done along with its native environment that equally looks picturesque and awesome.

However, innovations and artistic interpretations give way to a more variations such as the head of the ram that looks like it comes out of the skin of the tattoo wearer.

Watercolor Aries tattoo

Sometimes it is rendered with flames surrounding it, with Aries as a fire sign.

Other interpretation includes breaking down the Aries sign’s profile in bits and pieces and presenting it like a stained glass artwork.

Aries hand tattoo

The glyph symbol of the Aries sign can also be played along to produce a high quality artistic design for a tattoo.

Although the glyph “V” sign of an Aries looks simple, it connotes a very bold appearance that when mixed with other designs it brings out another dimension and meaning to those who see it.

Aries with constellation tattoo

The most common elements that are often associated with the glyph are flames, dust, rock, storm and gold.

These are all strong elements that add up to the equally strong personality of an Arian.  

Female Aries tattoo

The ruling planet of Aries is Mars, the god of war in Romans and is identified with turbulence, war and storm.

This basically gives off the impression of “chaotic” personality Aries people have.

However, it doesn’t necessarily mean that the tattoo of an Aries people should always contain unruly images.

Aries upper thigh tattoo

The wonderful side of designing a tattoo especially on zodiac signs is that you can incorporate a whole lot of related images such as flowers and animals that have a significant meaning to the tattoo owner.

Even the glyph can be modified to suit the personality of the owner.

Sometimes it can be tattooed alongside a religious symbol or can be tweaked to look like a shield and overhaul completely its meaning.

Red Aries tattoo

The ram’s head can be easily associated with different styles such as Gothic or Celtic in nature and produces a strong connection that represents the personality or affiliation that the tattoo owners belong.

Another design innovation for the Aries sign is to have it with constellation, whereby connecting each star to form an Arian image is somewhat stylish and simple design innovation that has an impact.

Aries thigh tattoo

There are limitless design concepts for the Aries sign depending on the person who wants it; the most important thing is it should reflect exactly the personality of the tattoo wearer.