Arm Band Tattoo Ideas & Designs

Arm Band Tattoos are considered to be the most popular type of tattoos in our contemporary settings.

This is mainly due to the fact that arm band tattoos are easy to acquire and is a good tattoo for starters.

Also, the adaptability of such designs makes it endearing to newbie tattoo enthusiasts.

Japanese style wave arm band tattoo

Celtic designs are among the most common and sought after arm band tattoos.

This type of design is so full of symbolism and historical meaning that makes it popular among the people. Another popular arm band tattoo is the Hawaiian design.

This cultural design has an aesthetic appeal to people who loves cultural symbolism and tribal patterns.

Roses arm band tattoo

Although tribal patterns are not that stylish in appearance, it is full of meaning and symbols which dates back to ancient times.

The continuous pattern of tribal design makes it good for wrapping around the arm of the wearer.

Many different arm band tattoo ideas

Film strip design for the arm band tattoos are one of the great innovations.

The film strip is wrapped around the arm and each slide has different movie scene on it in coloured or black and white.

Barbwire arm band tattoo

Innovations can go down in replacing the movie scenes of illustrations based on the wearer’s life experience to make it more personal.

Others would prefer a dream catcher tattoo that has an animal design on it in detailed beads and feathers.

Knives arm band tattoo

Jewelry as a design in an arm band tattoo is slowly gaining popularity nowadays.

Designs go as far as the chain of a silver looking metal with dangling pendant in detailed design to a strand of pearls wrapped in the arm.

Feather arm band tattoo

Birthstones are not only confined in jewelries alone. They are now being duplicated as a tattoo being worn in the arm as an ornament.

Floral large arm band tattoo

Gothic designs look awesome in the arm band.

Images such as barbed wires, skulls, flames, weapons and astrological designs are among the most popular arm band tattoo.

Some other designs would go as far as bar codes and binary codes that render a unique and modern approach to arm band tattoo.

Aztec arm band tattoo

Arm band tattoos are easy to make.

They suit the taste of a newbie and usually serve as the introductory tattoo.

Arm band tattoo is just making its way to recognition and there are many new designs still to be discovered and associated with it.