Asian Tattoo Ideas & Designs

The Asian tattoos are the best known and the most wanted when it refers to body art in general.

This is not at all shocking with all the rich art in terms of deep symbolism and history.

Asian dragon tattoo

The Japanese art is so far one of the most ordinary influences to body art.

Some of the most regularly seen Japanese body art symbols are the koi fish which symbolizes the association between bravery and masculinity, the dragons that symbolize luck to the powers of nature and cherry blossoms which are a symbol for feminine sensuality.

Buddha tattoo

It is also ordinary to view the traditional Japanese archetypes in this Asian tattoo types.

Such pieces include characters like geishas, religious figures, samurai warriors, and countless of folkloric personages.

Geisha tattoo

A particular idea for an extraordinary piece with a Japanese theme is to get from one of the Izanagi stories wherein after a long journey he will clean himself in the ocean and then create divinities from the water which is a moon incarnation from his right eye, the sun from his left side, among others.

Asian tiger back tattoo

The Chinese art is usually utilized for the Asian tattoos.

Many of the art pieces settle on the Chinese style kanji script which always mentions items like happiness, love and hope.

These may be simply done and present a character bearing one word in black, sharp lettering.

Colourful Asian tattoo

But many people prefer to add other relevance symbols or utilize many kanji characters on the back or enfolded around a leg or an arm.

The Chinese zodiac symbols are also utilized always and often portray the selected animal in a classic style of Chinese calligraphy done in either deep earthy red or black.

Hindu Ganesh tattoo

The Asian tattoos influenced by India are viewed less not that frequent.

But they are as meaningful and amazing as the body art that you may locate in China or Japan.

Koi fish tattoo

These pieces are always selected from the henna styles and may differ from spiraling and small designs to detailed floral patterns.

Inclusive are also the animal symbols, the eyes, hands or religious symbols.

Some inclined pieces will portray not only the emblems but also the particular divinities like the Hanuman, Shiva or Indra among others.

Asian shoulder tattoo

The popularity of the Asian tattoos does not look like it will go away with all the graceful style, exotic beauty and infinite amount of significance.