Astrology Tattoo Ideas & Designs

Astrology tattoos are the counterpart of zodiac tattoo.

There are millions of people who believe in the power of the astrological sign, especially the sign that they fall into.

Realistic Scorpio tattoo

To express their belief and fondness, they take it further by having it tattooed on their skin, not just by reading it on daily basis in the newspaper.

Woman with Aries mask tattoo

Every Zodiac sign symbolizes various characteristics wherein the people always relate with.

Having an Astrology tattoo for those persons may be informative.

For example, if you have the Leo lion tattoo you may be saying “I am born a leader”.

Leo symbol with sunflowers tattoo

But you may be treating yourself for your love of felines.

A person that has a centaur Astrology tattoo symbolizing Sagittarius indicates he is a lover of freedom and may also be announcing their inclination for the archery sport.

Modern Aries tattoo

In simpler terms Astrology tattoos may be a symbol of those holding a personal belief or even a choice of design for a person looking for a beautiful tattoo.

Another Scorpio tattoo

There are many different designs and is easily adaptable to the taste of those who has the tattoo.

For instance, the Pisces symbol is either two fishes that are swimming in opposite ways or a symbol of two curved vertical lines that are opposite to each other with a horizontal line passing through the two lines.

Vigo tattoo

The twins or Gemini may be a symbol that is like two pillars of Greek or even a more detailed warrior twin design.

Aquarius may be the symbol of Greece about two horizontal wavy lines symbolizing the water carrier or the man with buckets on a long pole that is poised on his shoulders.

Taurus arm tattoo

Take note that the Roman or Greek symbols in the Astrology tattoos are of tribal or Celtic designs.

They are more symbolic or simple as compared with the pictorial and literal tattoos.

Leo butt tattoo

Astrology tattoos may be inside a bigger design or may be hiding within a design.

An Astrology tattoo may be a big symbol located at the mid-back or may be considered as an armband.

The whole thing is Astrology tattoos may be as beautiful or just as stated just like the tattoo wearer chose it to be.