Aztec Tattoo Ideas & Designs

There are various ancient tribal art displayed through tattoos.

The Aztec group was considered the most advanced in terms of tattoos as they left behind a very powerful heritage with such gorgeous symbols.

Aztec woman tattoo

The Aztec tattoos are a form of art that are of great cultural importance.

They are very proud of their art and lots of efforts are done in art development.

The Aztec tattoos are better known for such elaborate and complicated patterns and are very distinct too.

Some of the shapes and designs are sacred for the Aztecs.

Colourful Aztec tattoo

Most of the tattoos have a spiritual, religious and even ritual meaning for them.

Art was considered significant always to the Aztecs.

Even at a young age, the women and children were taught the pottery of making art.

Aztec symbols arm tattoo

The Aztec tattoos have a significant culture role wherein there are plenty of times that they are utilized for the rituals and were formed to be used in idolizing Uitzilopochtle which is the god that is worshiped by the Aztecs.

The reason people at present obtain Aztec tattoos is because of their visual appeal and for the Aztec people.

Aztec half body tattoo

Placing a tattoo in a particular area of the body was significant to the Aztecs. The tattoos were also placed on children aside from the Aztec adults.

Aztec sun back tattoo

A tattoo on the stomach, the chest and the wrist displayed the commitment of the child to a certain god wherein each tattoo is bearing a particular design and pattern.

The Aztecs have many strong beliefs and gods and there are plenty of tattoos that are related with a god.

Aztec warrior tattoo

This was a method to honor their god or to be able to display the commitment to a specific god. Aztec cultures’ well-known symbols were Warriors, Princesses, Eagles, and the Aztec Calendar.

Aztec skulls tattoo

The sun is considered one of the sacred Aztec culture tattoos as it was the giver of life and was believed to be heaven.

The stars, the sun and the moon were always seen in the tattoos of Aztec until now.

There are many tattoos of Aztec that are symbols showing position among the members of the tribe to be able to sacrifice or give gratitude.

Another Aztec warrior tattoo

Everyone in the virtual sense heard about the Aztecs.

At present we are fortunate enough to bring their culture into our lives and to be able to live through their magnificent images that were carried onto plenty of modern tattoos.