Basketball Tattoo Ideas & Designs

The basketball tattoos are obtained by the players and the hardcore fans.

Such extraordinary designs are portrayed on the skin of those people with a passion for both the game and the body art.

Such dedicated zeal may sound strange to some.

However for those who have them, the idea really makes sense.

Black and shite basketball tattoo

There are many basketball tattoos that are concentrated on the game icons like basketballs, icons, jerseys and logos of the favorite team or the particular number of the favorite player.

Man carrying basketball tattoo

The designs that are concentrated on these items include other images like the flames coming from a blazing ball being pushed to the ground or shooting through a five-point star; or the shattering glass around the net; or the fierce animal’s image with a number or logo that is printed on the fur.

Basketball tattoo ideas

The team names or numbers regardless of the original colouring may also be done in metallic shades or having an extra shine in the shade.

Such items are utilized always for the designs that memorial-type. It is always an expression of the friend or loved one’s passions.

Basketball shoulder tattoo

Even if it is not that ordinary, the basketball tattoos that present the actual players may at times be viewed.

These are at times life-like images of the iconic basketball players that the tattoo wearer relates with.

Lakers basketball tattoo

They may also be depicted in the style of a cartoon that may be portrayed or not like a real living player.

At times this art style presents the player in a more extraordinary setting like leaping into space or jumping from the mountain top that is including the sunset that looks like a frame for the player from the back.

Basketball heart tattoo

The player may be extraordinary and may be portrayed as an exaggerated caricature figure or an upright animal or a famous cartoon character.

Basketball love tattoo

Some of the basketball tattoos portray the paraphernalia in extraordinary methods.

For instance, you may see a silver or golden or bronzed basketball and may even be put on top of a crown or on a pedestal.

You may also view the ball falling down towards earth like a meteor or the sunlight’s bursts or flying away up in the air on its wings.

Basketball on fire tattoo

Even if the basketball tattoos may look like an odd selection to some people, the people who have them remain passionate about it for a lifetime.

Such pieces always mean true love for their selected sport and a particular amount of loyalty to the people who put their dedication onto it.