Batman Tattoo Ideas & Designs

Superheroes of our times occupy the large part of our social consciousness.

No kid or even grown-ups today who don’t have a superhero idol in one way or the other still can’t depart from the truth that they have never outgrown their fondness of the superhero syndrome.

Realistic Batman tattoo

Batman is one of those superheroes that people of all ages know and loved.

Batman’s appeal to both old and young does not seem to fade and expressing the fondness over him through tattoo seems the coolest thing to do.

Batman stencil tattoo

The image of the dark knight that looks mysterious and tough is perfect for a tattoo image.

Some Batman tattoos portray an old style of the character which is a classic Batman look afar from the recent incarnation which looks like fierce and dark.

Batman back tattoo

Bob Kane’s Batman artwork then was far from what we have right now, and some people prefer the more classic look of Batman in a nostalgic way.

This would also render a unique tattoo, just like a collector’s edition of a Batman’s action figure.

Batman kissing Cat Woman tattoo

Batman’s first appearance would look like an ordinary superhero in his physique wearing red tights, bat wings and a domino mask, while swinging on a rope.

Other earlier versions of Batman were seen wearing grey tights, a black cowl, black boots, cape and gloves with a yellow belt and a logo of a bat in his chest.

Batman and monster tattoo

However, most of the Batman tattoos nowadays are done in the modern version.

It is depicted with an all-leather outfit standing on top of tall building overlooking the Gotham City with that bat signal on the sky.

This is mainly derived from the movie itself.

Other tattoo designs illustrate a more realistic look of Batman which is a portrait rendition of the superhero derived mainly from the actors who portrayed as batman in the movie.

Batman leg tattoo

There are those who prefer to have Batman tattoo design that looks like a comic illustration in full action.

This is an interesting actual scenario of the well-loved superhero that originates as a comic character.

Colourful Batman tattoo ideas

You could see Batman alongside his arch enemies and other characters such as Joker, the Riddler, Cat woman or Penguin.

Other designs would feature Batman along with Robin who stands side-by-side after an action-packed fight.

The tattoo design would look like a comic strip in full colour and comic-illustration style.

Cute Batman tattoo

Batman is one of the most famous pop culture icons of our times.

He possesses an enduring nature in contemporary influences and having him on tattoo would also mean that he is here to stay for a very, very long time in fusion with tattoo.