Bear Tattoo Ideas & Designs

In the world of art the bears are always portrayed in two different methods either as vicious or fierce or even the kind and endearing subject.

The bear tattoo display both sides and even those in-between.

The bear image has many symbolisms that display this difference–the ingenuity and wisdom, and the powerful strength and the spirit so ferocious.

Two bears tattoo

Some of the well-known bear tattoo designs are from the Native American art.

The Zuni bear is a perfect example and is seen as the Earth’s guardian and a healer.

Such bears are displayed in a profile that has always a slump on its back and with a muzzle and an ear that is rounded.

Bear attack tattoo

Simple colours comprise them like red, turquoise, blue or yellow or other different patterns. Such patterns consist of thorough puzzle-work in a geometric way.

They may also feature some symbols in a simple manner like the lightning bolts, arrows and even the feathers.

Bear and forest tattoo

The bear tattoos always portray the beast’s image that is so realistic and is combined with other symbols.

A typical example is the face forming into the image of a paw in a position that is facing downward with the uneven teeth melding into the claws.

The bear’s head may be present also in a dream catcher or maybe as a totem part the features the brave and wise animals.

Native woman and bear tattoo

Bear tattoos may wander away from the natural course and may appear occasionally on a more charming level.

Such tattoos most often than not represent a sweeter kind of predatory animal.

Bear belly tattoo

Such designs are illustrated like a cartoon and always present a tiny equivalent to the muscular creatures that you perceive in real life.

They have big, watery eyes and such a drowsy expression.

They are shown regularly to combine with other images that are softer like the flowers, hearts and butterflies.

Bear and landscape tattoo

But majority of the bear tattoos show this creature in a more wild and daring manner.

There are many bear tattoos displaying only the wild side of a bear that are growling and ready to attack.

Woman in bear skin tattoo

Some display bears standing up using their hind legs that is either combating with each other or just threatening.

They may be displayed at times in a calmer setting maybe just putting its paw into a lake to be able to get a fish or just wandering off through the forest.

Bear at night tattoo

There are plenty of methods to combine your body art with a bear.

With various big creatures, you will opt to display the brilliance and strength of yourself and such majestic and wild creatures.