Bee Tattoo Ideas & Designs

One of the popular insects in tattoo art is the bee.

You may place the bee just about anywhere either by itself or within a group.

The bee tattoos are regarded as a representation of life that is orderly, diligent and respect for its social order.

Realistic bee tattoo

There are a number of reasons why the bee tattoos entered the modern society.

But a particular person may utilize it as a symbol that is outdated.

In the olden days the bee was related with the war, soul, protection and peace.

Balck and white bee tattoo

A big number of bee tattoos display an overstated or cute facsimile. There are many pieces portraying an insect with large eyes and with a brightly coloured body.

Bee with flowers tattoo

Even if majority of the people will utilize the most common black and yellow, some have the option to make use of the bright colours of aqua blue or pink.

It is less than the common colour but just as stunning to utilize the red and black or maybe the colour purple on the body.

Two bees thigh tattoo

There are many tattoos that are small and located in areas that are discreet.

But there are plenty of bee tattoos that display this insect in utmost detail.

Such a style always includes the props like flowers, crowns and fruit.

It is common for a person to have the queen bee idea and be able to form a bee with a ladylike, sexy figure with ringlets just under her antenna and tiara, or maybe with big eyes that are heavily lashed and with a scepter in a hands with black gloves.

Bee with face on wings tattoo

Some themes may be based from fantasy to science fiction.

Some fantasy style ideas may be exaggerated but may even be realistic like a bee with a fairy on its back.

You may also imagine a bee that looks like a dragon that is fire breathing.

Cute bee tattoo

If you prefer a science fiction background you may form an image that looks like an alien that is scaled or even a mechanical bee.

The depiction may show red glowing eyes and a body that is metallic with flames or with bullets firing from the stinger.

Black and yellow bee tattoo

Bee opinions are often combined.

Even if we always fear that we will get a bee sting, we are definitely aware of the bee’s important part in our ecosystem.

Their nature of collecting and being industrious may express that the wearer is also hard working and will show that the attitude to the world surrounding them.