Bible Verse Tattoo Ideas & Designs

The bible verse tattoos are always carried by those people with a strong belief in their Christian faith.

But some of the conveyed messages may go beyond the spiritual beliefs so as to inspire the tattoo wearer and the people surrounding them.

Bible verse spine tattoo

If you take into consideration the bible verse tattoos, it is significant that you remember many of them are so long.

So people have the tendency to paraphrase or even get some smaller verse portions containing a meaning intended to be expressed whether it is concerning body art or not.

Bible verse on ribs tattoo

But the full verses may be placed on bigger body areas like the back or shoulders.

They may be covered also around the leg or an arm.

For a different placement, you may start your verse at the shoulder top and try to twist the words all over your arm until you are able to reach the wrist.

Bible verse tattooed on leg

Regarding the bible verse tattoos, there are many people who like to do something simple.

But you may see some verses translated to Italian, Latin and albeit sometimes in kanji script.

The verse may be seen in scrawling, small letters that looks like it is handwritten, or even in big bold gothic print.

Bible verse arm tattoo

They are always done in black, simple ink but you may sometimes view them in golden shades or dark blue or sometimes in bright red or orange.

They may be placed also within a white or skin toned or a ribbon that is brightly coloured.

These are on the bigger side generally and are always placed on the shoulders or across the chest or all over the hip.

Bible verse tattoo with flowers

Some of the people like the bible verse tattoos with a bolder design.

These are often enveloped by other religious symbols like doves, crosses, the Ichthys symbol or even the palm fronds which are the Christian symbols of martyrdom and victory.

Bible verse tattoo with different fonts

There are many people who also prefer to enhance their bible verse tattoos with a detailed border.

These may be simple like a vine of ivy or the white lilies enveloping the print or even something more elaborated like a mosaic like a gem or a frame that is painted gold.

Simple bible verse tattoo

For a different addition to a border, you may cover your verse with an open bible.

You may also place your script inside something like the same with a stained glass window.

This window frame portrays in an unclear manner the scene from where the specific verse was obtained.

Bible verse back tattoo

Even if the bible verse tattoos are utilized in a predominate manner by the people of Catholic or Christian faiths, the messages conveyed have a general appeal that enables them to be both an enduring and a fascinating art piece.