Black Panther Tattoo Ideas & Designs

The panther tattoos are a symbol for the sensual and mysterious personality with the shiny black coat and lean, long figure.

Such shady creatures symbolize freedom, strength and control.

Black panther tattoo

So far, the crawling black panther tattoos are the most well-known and this style is simple but has bigger proportion.

It is always shaped around the body’s wide areas are always utilized to cover the body art’s older pieces.

Black panther and geometric shapes tattoo

Generally the design presents the prowling black cats that is muscular with extended claws and always with a growling, open mouth.

It is ordinary to view small colour bursts too like greens, yellow gold, blues and reds for the mouth and the eyes.

Black panther hand tattoo

An idea for this design may be to present the beast that is climbing up an arm or a leg.

In this portrayal, it may leave red claw marks at the back to display the trek’s progress.

Black panther ribs tattoo

There are a few designs for the panther tattoos which are busts and scenes.

There are many people who prefer their panther tattoos to present only the animal’s head and shoulders.

These present it with exposed fangs and at times with dripping blood from the tip.

Black panther thigh tattoo

They at times display the appearing teeth to tear through the skin, eventually symbolizing the beast within.

The styles of the scene always display a natural motif like a panther with full body walking around a big grassy wetland or relaxing beside a pool of water or dipping a paw lazily into its water reflection or climbing a tall big tree.

Black panther arm tattoo

The Chinese and Tribal panther tattoos are getting to be well-known.

The tribal panther is done in an outline that is bold and sharp while the Chinese panther has full features with a nasty expression that is the same with the wood warriors in block style and long claws.

Small black panther arm tattoo

Unlike the tribal style, these always have other symbols enveloping it to form a broader theme.

For example there is a panther that is bending over and looks like it will climb a foam-covered waterfall or the panther’s bust enveloped in shiny blossoms or interconnected with a snake or a dragon.

This said style may be simple and display the panther onto itself with a shiny background of oranges and velvety reds.

Watercolour black panther tattoo

Even if it is viewed as fierce, these panthers may be gentle also and are calm in a general manner if not their loved ones are endangered.

With all the other artistic merit and symbols aside, this may be the reason that is enough for a person to descend towards the panther tattoos.