Breast Cancer Tattoo Ideas & Designs

The breast cancer tattoos bear a very deep meaning to the tattoo wearers.

Either they survived the disease or they have a loved one who suffered with it or made a bold statement to support the research regarding cancer.

Roses breast and shoulders tattoo

For whatever reason the designs and symbols utilized for the breast cancer tattoos display the interested the courage and the strength of the person who has them on their bodies.

Roses breast tattoo

One of the most ordinary symbols is the pink ribbon.

Some people have the option to utilize this actual design but still many like to combine it with other emblems with a specific meaning attached to them.

It is common to see a pink ribbon covered around a particular cross, and it is hanging over a heart, or maybe have a name of a loved one and maybe even dates.

Flowers breast cancer tattoo

These most often than not symbolize the period of diagnosis to the healing time and are always located at the bottom of the pink of ribbon or maybe around the curves.

Another possible variation is to utilize the ribbon to form inspirational words like faith and hope.

Full body breast cancer tattoo

Sme breast cancer tattoos may be considered memorials to those people who fought cancer.

The various designs may feature also the dates and the names and may usually show a family member portrait or even those of friends.

Dragonfly tattoo

Such portraits may also portray the importance symbol of this particular person like objects of interests or passions, family, or even items that symbolize who they were as persons.

Flowers breast tattoo

There are survivors of breast cancer who has the option to have tattoos over their scars.

Such tattoos may vary and some like to utilize them for purposes of anatomical reconstruction.

Other people may put a survival symbol and some may just utilize a bold design to cover the scar tissue.

Breast cancer tattoo

The last two are usually viewed as a transformation or the last step in the process of healing.

Even if the pink ribbon is viewed on a regular basis in these pieces, there are still many people who like to move away from the limelight.

They just usually feel that they want to convey who they are instead of what they have really suffered.

Purple flower tattoo

There are various ways to symbolize the support to those afflicted people.

There are also many ways to display the strength all throughout the battles against cancer.

Whichever way is chosen, breast cancer tattoos will remind the tattoo wearer of themselves and others who struggle always.