Bull Tattoo Ideas & Designs

Generally the bull tattoos are seen as a symbol of masculinity.

Aside from being connected with astrology, the bull tattoos seem to be an expression of the personality of the tattoo wearer.

The people who have them see themselves as temperamental, strong and impulsive.

Massive bull back tattoo

One of the most well-known designs for the bull tattoos is the head of the bull.

The face with the nostrils and the nose with rings in the general sense have a determined and an angry expression.

It is crowned with horns that are shaped like a crescent.

Colourful bull tattoo

Even if some people prefer to utilize an appearance that is more realistic, there are still many people who like to make use of the cartoon style consisting of more exaggerated characteristics wherein the eyes are of blazing shade of red or may be filled with fire.

Wicked bull arm tattoo

Some prefer to present the head as it seems to burst through the skin.

You may also utilize the skull of a bull for this design type.

The off-white colour is generally used but may also be bright and surrounded with bright ribbons or flowers.

Charging bull tattoo

There are many bull tattoos that are in the form of action.

The bull may be running to the sunset trying to jump a cowboy from its back or maybe running fast towards a target.

Bull with flowers tattoo ideas

Another idea is the picture of a bullfighter may be directly set into itself or in the ring.

Colourful images of the matador mocking the angry animal may be used while it charges fast towards his direction.

This piece may be put on the shoulders or along the back thus showing the two body sides of the bull and the fighter.

Bull ready to charge tattoo

The bull is connected with the moon and the sun in mythology and may be utilized to form some unique pieces.

For instance the horns of the bull may be used as a half moon and the head in a sky full of stars at the other half with the tail’s tip spread out as if the hair looks like the sun’s rays.

Bull finger tattoo

There are many natural occurrences connected with the bull and may be converted into various bull tattoos.

The heavy breath of the bull may be converted into heavy air bursts from the lips that will make the scene into a disarray or the hooves of the bull is beating the ground thus making the lighting strike or a wave that spills from an ocean.

Watercolour bull tattoo

Bull tattoos are utilized in the general sense as a symbol of art process that the person views himself.

But they may be utilized also just for the interest with a unique and brutal animal.