Cancer Sign Tattoo Ideas & Designs

Cancer or otherwise known as the Crab is considered to be the hardest of all the zodiac signs.

Cancer tribal symbol tattoo

This is so believed because cancer has no definite personality of its own, its flexibility and ability to blend earned him as such.

This is also the reason why there are many design variations of Cancer when it comes with tattoo art works.

Colourful Cancer tattoo

The Cancer’s glyph sign is the crab’s claw situated in opposite directions. It reflects the duality in personality of the Cancer person.

Another colourful Cancer tattoo idea

Although presenting the glyph in its traditional solid black sign is awesome enough, some people would like to play-up some artistic rendition of the symbol.

Adding up the pearl as embellishment is good because the Cancer’ sun stone is pearl.  

Simple Cancer symbol tattoo

Cancer is the known personality trait of a family oriented person–basically a cancer person is a loving person and has a strong parental nature.

Cancer tattoo designs often feature the family members and their loved ones.

Cancer foot tattoo

Other cancer person’s tattoo may also have some things that are of great importance to them and those that they value very much in their life.

Symbols of their joy and passion are often the object of their tattoo designs.

Cancer with moon tattoo

On a traditional side, many Cancer tattoos still carry the symbol of the crab.

With a realistic inclination a Cancer person may like to render the crab in realistic manner. However, the meaning is always far from being literal.

Cancer finger tattoo

Variations such as a tribal rendition of the crab serve as breathing relief away from the realistic interpretation.

The tribal version of the crab has a thick and dark outlines in heavy and pointed claws along with rounded and pleated body.

Cancer back tattoo

The Cancer person’s tattoo reflects the personality of the wearer and appears to be imaginative, sentiment and emotional.

Basically the design of their tattoo bears a deep meaning to them and tells something about their life and their loved ones.