Capricorn Sign Tattoo Ideas & Designs

Capricorn sign comes from the Greek mythological goat named Amalthea.

Amalthea is the goat that Zeus, a Greek god had honored because she provided him milk when he was young.

Satanic Capricorn tattoo

Being the tenth astrological sign of the tenth planet, Capricorn is ruled by the planet Saturn.

According to astrologers, Capricorn had adopted its traits the sixth planet from the sun—Saturn, the second to the largest planet.

Capricorn side tattoo

There are two faces of the Capricorn’s personality–the outgoing one and the focused one.

Being on a focused personality, a Capricorn is serious when it comes to responsibility and is intently motivated towards achieving whatever his goal.

Capricorn within spade tattoo

Most of the Capricorn people become an accountant or finance managers and they possess a high regard for discipline, organizational skills and persuasion.

Fish-like Capricorn tattoo

These Capricorn’s traits are best symbolized in their tattoos with clean and crisp lines and well defined images.

Capricorn with sun and moon tattoo

The glyph symbol of Capricorn, which is also often the tattoo design is the scripted letter “N” along with curtailed tail—a symbol of the goat.

Capricorn symbol tattoo

The functionality and consistency of a goat best describes a Capricorn person.

Those who wear Capricorn tattoos most often make a bold statement of their traits and personality which can be clearly seen on the design of their chosen Capricorn tattoo design.

Female Capricorn tattoo

Goat is the most common Capricorn tattoo design, with serene eyes that stares from afar. This represents the privacy of a Capricorn person that they value so much.

The goat on a tattoo design stands mighty and proudly most of the time which is a depiction of the wearer’s pride and dignity.

Colourful Capricorn tattoo

Capricorn’s tattoo design can be artistic and playful but can be conventional at times.

The presence of a goat makes it flexible in adapting into a gothic kind of design which sometimes serves as an icon for satanic symbols, especially in using the head of the goat as an emblem.