Catholic Faith Tattoo Ideas & Designs

There is a division of the body art within the Catholic faith. Even if there are statements going against having tattoo on your body in the bible, there are still many people who feel that as long as the images are not offensive or it would go against the church beliefs then having art on the body is fine.

Catholic motives full back tattoo

But catholic tattoos are not intended to be offensive in any way. They are just meant to convey a permanent devotion to the faith of the wearer.

Crucifix tattoo

There are many Catholic tattoos that present colourful and enormous symbols that the corresponding faith is famous for.

Two of the most famous symbols are the sacred heart and the crucifix.

The latter is usually portrayed in quiet tones and is done realistically.

Colourful Jesus tattoo

The sacred heart is often in bold colour and is placed either at Jesus Christ’s chest or on its own.

Some of the people may prefer to form a rosary beads string around the arm or neck. One of the Catholic tattoos’ bolder ideas is the stained glass.

Praying angel tattoo

The classic Catholic churches are famous for their dramatic windows and statuary.

A very unique idea is to form a detailed coloured and placed pattern together with the formation of the design of a saint or the Virgin Mary.

Mary, Jesus and his heart tattoo

The crosses are designs that are featured regularly in Catholic tattoos.

Even if the famous Latin cross is the most likeable style, there are still other crosses that are regularly utilized by the Catholic Church like the Byzantine cross.

Such a design, same with the Latin cross, appears with a lowercase t.

Virgin Mary tattoo

But a second cross bar is featured to have the inscription of INRI or “Iesvs Nazarenvs Rex Ivdaeorvm” which stands for “Jesus Nazarenus Rex Judaeorum” and even a third bar to symbolize the feet of the Lord at rest.

Jesus with the crown of thorns tattoo

The cross of St. Brigid has a woven appearance and displays a small square at the middle of the four placed arms in an alternate manner.

This design may convey both the devoutness and the aspiration to comfort and save those who are in need.

Jesus on the cross tattoo

Even if there are many people who are divided on the Catholic tattoos’ virtues, it is indisputable that such designs usually display a devotion that is both touching and beautiful.