Celtic Cross Tattoo Ideas & Designs

The Celtic cross tattoos are one of the well-known tattoos and look like a Christian cross but there is a circle going around the intersection.

Colourful Celtic cross tattoo

The Celtic cross tattoos may be considered a very adaptable design since the cross usually has the unique knot work making the Celtic cross tattoos meaningful and decorative to the person having it.

This is also known as the High cross, Irish cross and the Ionic cross wherein the Celtic cross is usually related with eternity and faith.

Black and white Celtic cross upper arm tattoo

The Celtic cross is regarded as the sacred and ancient symbol with an unexplained history.

It is believed to be a version that is pre-Christian of the Solar cross.

The Celtic cross is related also with Taranis who is the God of Thunder.

Celtic cross leg tattoo

The cross became the symbol of the Celtic Christian Church after the Celtics became Christians.

The stone structures of the Celtic cross may be located in Ireland on the monastery grounds.

Celtic cross chest tattoo

There are other buildings that may be located in Scotland, Wales and England.

All were Celtic lands and the stone structures exist in market squares and churchyards.

Celtic cross with shamrock tattoo

The Celtic cross tattoos usually have a ring that puzzles people to what it really symbolizes.

Some of the people believe that the ring represents a halo or a crown of thorns.

The ring for the pagans usually represents the moon or the sun.

The belief is that the Celtic cross is navigation instrument in the astrological sense.

Celtic cross arm tattoo

There are other beliefs why the Celtic cross bears a circle around the arms.

One such interpretation is the circle symbolizes the love of god forever and even the everlasting life in Heaven.

There is another belief that the circle symbolizes eternity and the combination of the cross represents God’ infinite love.

Celtic cross with wings tattoo

If you are Welsh, Irish or Scottish it is obvious that the Celtic cross tattoos is well-known because of your family history and your Celtic connections.

One doesn’t really have to bear a Celtic connection in wearing the Celtic cross tattoos.

It is a design that will give purpose to anybody that relates the cross with spiritual or religious significance.

Celtic cross with claddagh ring tattoo

The Celtic cross bears a symbolic, grandeur faith representation. Its spirals, knot works, loops and beautiful lines will make it a grand art piece for anyone.

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