Celtic Knot Tattoo Ideas & Designs

The Celtic knot tattoos became well-known and their designs are not just beautiful and detailed but they also have various meanings.

They are usually related with love and life as it bears a symbol with no end and no beginning.

Large Celtic knot shoulder tattoo

The triquetra is the Celtic knot tattoos that are viewed regularly.

This is a design that is three cornered presents many ellipses combined together and is always viewed as having a spiritual or religious meaning.

Minimalistic Celtic knot tattoo

To the Christians it is a sign of the father, son and the Holy Ghost. To the pagans, it bears three important feminine powers.

But it may a somewhat less obscure symbolism and it just means the mind, the body and the spirit.

Even if the style is very much favored for this design, some of the people prefer to form an image that is more unique.

Celtic knot chest tattoo

For example, a brassier look may be created or circles that are like petals are rearranged to form a bio-hazard symbol.

You may also form it in a way that looks like fire or smoke that forms into a triquetra shape.

Celtic knot snake tattoo

Even if it is hard to exactly identify what majority of the designs were symbolizing, there are still many rumors about the style.

Some of the Celtic knot tattoos may be utilized to symbolize any object in fours like the directions, seasons or elements.

Celtic knot arm band tattoo

For instance, you may place the water below or the fire at the top and the air and earth at either of the sides of the quaternary knot.

You may also utilize the knot that is five fold. Every circle represents the north, south, west and east and place a planet or person that is meditating at the center.

For a depiction that is earthier, you may form a knot with a snake or dragon image that is twisted or stretched to become your pattern.

Celtic knot hand tattoo

On one occasion, the Celtic knot tattoos are a major part of a bigger picture. Such beautiful patterns may be utilized easily as borders or backgrounds.

A good example of this is the Dara knot.

Celtic knot leg tattoo

The ends with spirals fade at either side and then meet halfway and that would result to a platform of various images.

In addition, the word Dara signifies oak tree and you may utilize this design to symbolize the roots of the knotted, large tree.

Celtic knot neck tattoo

The Celtic knot tattoos may be by themselves alone or combined with other symbols like the flowers, crosses, animals or just fruit.

Whatever you select, there is a guarantee that you will have such a meaningful and exquisite piece.