Celtic Shamrock Tattoo Ideas & Designs

It is said that “To be born Irish is to be born luck”. The Celtic tattoos of a shamrock have been a well-known tattoo for so many years now and said to be bringing luck.

Celtic shamrock neck tattoo

If you have a good luck charm like the Celtic shamrock tattoo, your luck will be improved since it will make you more conscious of those around you and the opportunities thus will make you adopt a more flexible attitude which will assist you in making your very own luck.

Shamrock in Celtic knot tattoo

A Celtic tattoo of a shamrock is a fabulous way to symbolize one’s luck.

There are many Celtic symbols known to symbolize luck like the harps, bells, rainbows, claddaghs, and horseshoes among others.

But the shamrock tattoos are said to be the luckiest emblems of the Celtic culture and are a well-known tattoo.

Celtic shamrock behind ear tattoo

The Shamrocks have been regarded as a lucky symbol ever since the St. Patrick legend that he made use of a shamrock to demonstrate the Holy Trinity like one leaf for the father, one leaf for the son, and the last leaf for the Holy Spirit.

Celtic shamrock shoulder tattoo

The shamrock is the most well-known Ireland symbol.

The Celtic tattoos of a shamrock may be a fabulous method to present your Irish heritage.

The Irish just like their Celtic ancestors relate well with nature and shamrock tattoos and may symbolize a deep respect and love for nature.

It is significant that a four leaf clover should not be misunderstood with the beloved shamrock of Ireland.

The four leaves symbolize luck, hope, love and faith.

Geometric Celtic shamrock tattoo

The reason Celtic Shamrock tattoos are great is that they may be tiny enough to have in almost any part of your body like your arm, hand, your foot, your hip, lower back, ankle, the back of your neck which are all acceptable possible locations.

Splashed ink Celtic shamrock tattoo

Bear in mind that it is a fabulous idea to mix shamrock tattoos with other Celtic designs and allow your tattoo design to be extraordinary and be out of the common designs.

Celtic shamrock leg tattoo

For instance, you may want to combine a claddagh with a shamrock which may symbolize loyalty, friendship and love.

You may have a shamrock inside a Celtic cross or you may have a Celtic knot interconnected with a shamrock.

There are limitless possibilities.

Tiny Celtic shamrock wrist tattoo

In the end, the shamrock tattoos may be the outstanding Celtic culture’s embodiment and considered one of the most well-known and oldest symbols.