Chain Tattoo Ideas & Designs

In the general sense, the chain tattoos with its own specific meaning area freedom symbol if the chain is broken or signifies being bound up if the chain is unbroken.

Most people who wore the chain tattoos often come from a confined situation but managed to liberate themselves.

Broken chain tattoo

There are many chain tattoos that are utilized as armbands and always present solid and thick links connected together covering the arms.

Even if these chains are always unbroken, some may like to present one link that was torn while the other two sides that are connecting sag down a little.

Tiny chain link tattoo

The daisy chain tattoos are quite ordinary for this style.

The daisies are regarded as an emblem of purity and innocence and maintain the same features in the own life of the wearer.

One extraordinary idea for the style of the armband would be to form something that is the same in appearance to the jewellery.

Chain wrist band tattoo

The chain may have small gold links as well as silver links or even the copper colours that cover the upper arm and may have a single chain that is hanging down the arm.

You may also add a teardrop or a small gem or heart to the end of the hanging chain. Another bright idea is to remain attached to the flower theme by covering the chains around one arm with small buds of rose stuffed through the links.

Chain around thigh tattoo

It is common to view the chain tattoos that portray other items and different types of chains.

You may view a heart that is padlocked and chained or a pair of hands that is tied together on the back of the wearer or a sea creature that is trying to break free from a heavy chain or a cross is covered with it.

Bike chain tattoo

Even if the chains that are heavily linked are the ordinary ones that are used, some of the people prefer to do swirling and detailed patterns with items like motorcycle chains or bicycle.

These usually have a similar look with the steampunk style and features one of the many chains tied into tight circles.

Daisy chain tattoo

You may view chain tattoos that are converted into another item altogether.

You may see an alien that looks like a human with a spine that is made of chain that is if you like the dark, science fiction theme.

Chain heart tattoo

Broken links may be shaped again to become the heart’s image that is combined together with parts of the clock to form a set of steampunk eyes or may be converted into a head with long locks for a pin up robot style.

Chain and rose tattoo

The chain tattoos may be an emblem for the enslaved spirit.

To others an emblem for such difficulties has the tendency to overcome their lives.