Cherry Blossom Tattoo Ideas & Designs

Most of the cherry blossom tattoos are viewed as a design that is very feminine.

But in the Japanese culture, the cherry blossom is a symbol for life. It is beautiful and vivid but fades quickly.

As a matter of fact, the Bushido is carrying this idea and was believed since time immemorial by the warriors.

Japanese cherry blossom tattoo

But in Chine this blossom is a symbol of dominance and feminine power.

This plant’s beauty symbolizes a specific sensuality only a woman has.

With these two different meanings, it is said that the cherry blossom tattoos may be viewed easily as both a masculine and a feminine design.

Watercolour cherry blossom tattoo

A realistic plant is quite a common view in cherry blossom tattoos.

These white or pink flowers with the small, dotted stems are portrayed on a single branch.

The flowers that have a whiter shade or Somei Yoshino are fabulous for presenting the transition of the nature of life.

Cherry blossom tattoos

These flowers have the tendency to fall from the branch within one week of blooming.

The Shidarezakura appears like a weeping willow tree and may be formed with a female or male figure that is seductively posing behind the branches that looks like a curtain and is see through.

Cherry blossom ear tattoo

The Yaezakura has soft pink and large flowers and appears stunning if located against a snowy mountains backdrop or even within a green field.

Cherry blossom back tattoo

There are many people who also prefer cherry blossom tattoos that present old woodblock art of the Japanese.

There are many features of the cherry blossom that are set with a background of hazy mountains or nearby a big body of water or even near homes or temples.

Cherry blossom chest tattoo

Cherry blossom tattoos are viewed usually with the people’s images.

Even if the appearance is not life like, the exaggerated characteristics of such characters make them figures that are bold.

Cherry blossom with butterflies tattoo

Some instance may be a geisha on her knees that is below a tree that is covered with flowers while playing her shamisen peacefully; or a samurai with a cherry blossom sheath around his own sword; or a pin up model that is nude with only a branch that is covered with blossom wrapped around her sexy figure and even a flower in her luxurious, long hair.

Cherry blossom back shoulder tattoo

Even if the appearance is frail and beautiful, the cherry blossoms are an elegant and enduring method to show off the sensuality, strength and an acceptance and true understanding of what good and bad life has to offer.