Chinese Art Tattoo Ideas & Designs

The art of the Chinese has been a beauty and elegance symbol.

But over the past ten years the Chinese tattoos became popular. The evidence lies on the fact that it is seen in college campuses, nightclubs and photos of celebrity, among others.

Colourful Chinese art tattoos

What really made these tattoos well-known is that the symbolism of the Chinese is utilized to convey so much while it remains clean and simple.

Black and white full body Chinese tattoo

One of the most seen examples of this is the kanji symbols.

Even if the kanji writing was adopted in Japan, the kanji style of the Chinese differs and has a wider vocabulary.

Such tattoos are usually viewed as particular emotions like peace, love and friendship.

Chinese art fish tattoo

One more common example in Chinese tattoos is the Yin and Yang.

The precise significance of this symbol is the complete balance wherein each side symbolizes a contrast: the Yin as dark, female and earthly and Yang as airy, light and male.

Yin and Yang tattoo

But there are different methods that people utilize the symbol of the classic round piece.

Then the Yin and Yang is enclosed in a lotus flower wherein the lotus flower is another symbol for balance, purity and perfection.

Chinese dragon tattoo

You may also do a Yin and Yang eye which symbolizes either an external and internal balance, or maybe a Yin and Yang heart which symbolizes an emotional balance.

One of the more flashing pieces in Chinese tattoos is the dragon and it became a popular culture trend once it is connected with the criminals.

The dragon is viewed as a symbol of mystery and power.

Chinese devil tattoo

But there are many people who have these tattoos for aesthetic purposes without really knowing what their exact difference is.

For example, the yellow dragon without the horns is famous for its knowledge while a horned dragon is famous to be the strongest of all creatures.

Tiger tattoo

Form grandeur sceneries.

For example the bamboo as considered as a longevity symbol for its resilience and strength and the clouds that serve as a backdrop to cranes are signs of long life, wealth and power or even the deer who symbolizes longevity through grace and endurance.

Chinese art tattoos

Chinese tattoos have been connected with their meaning a long time ago and each person has their own reason like who they are or who they really want to be.

It is considered a change symbol in their life or just a reminder of those people that they love most.

The Chinese tattoo is so perfect because of its simplicity and variety and it expresses strong emotions with symbols and is aesthetically graceful and powerful.