Christian Tattoo Ideas & Designs

Even if there are many Christians that do not agree with body art in general, there are still a few who have the belief that the tattoos of Christians are a way of faith expression.

Jesus tattoo

Christian tattoos have the tendency to portray significant symbols within the religion.

Inclusive are the scriptures, crosses and particular religious figures like apostles, saints and also angels.

Cross on roses tattoo

There is a big majority of Christian tattoos that feature discreet and simple symbols that are relevant.

One of the most identifiable symbols is the “Ichthus” or better known as the “Jesus fish”.

Jesus fish tattoo

Such symbols are often done in black and feature two lines with an intersection in a fashion that is like a ribbon giving the fish appearance.

Some of the people prefer to utilize the Greek letterings that translate into “Jesus, Christ, God’s, Son, Savior”.

Another style instance is the seven doves. The dove is a symbol for the Holy Spirit.

Jesus dove and child tattoo

There are also seven birds that form a circle around the letters SS standing for Spiritu Sancti and symbolizes the seven gifts that are received by the Holy Spirit in Revelations.

Cross and praying hands tattoo

There are many Christian tattoos that present different crosses.

A simple cross without many ornaments is preferred.

But the Greek cross which has four sides that is equal and has an appearance that is almost three-dimensional and the Celtic cross which is the same with the easier counterpart but is noticeable by the circle that is located around the upper crossbar, is also quite well-known.

Small cross neck tattoo

These two designs are a bit more detailed like the Celtic knot work with colours that are like gems and ivy and flowers are etched into them.

Jesus and Gothic motives tattoo

One extraordinary idea for this particular design is the Triumphant Cross wherein it represents the place of glory of Jesus Christ while still reigning.

Generally, the cross’ image displays a simple cross that is rooted firmly into an orb. Stars are place on an occasional basis above the cross representing the sky and the Earth.

Angel tattoo

Even if the Christian tattoos represent a fervent faith, they are all unique on their own.

You will definitely locate something that will be a reminder to you about your belief’s convictions.