Clown Tattoo Ideas & Designs

Generally, the clown tattoos are to represent what the clowns symbolize for—humor and mockery of life’s seriousness.

Even if there are many clown tattoos that present a modern portrayal there are others that present older jesters’ and mimes’ depictions.

Colourful clown tattoo

The jester usually presents a figure in a body suit that is tight and with rounded spirals or large diamond shapes. Their shoes and hats have tips that are long and pointed.

Sad clown tattoo

Their faces often present makeup that is the same with their clothing. Mimes may be utilized for a greater noir piece as their colours are ordinary black and white.

They may be put in known poses like escaping from dancing or an invisible box.

Clown arm tattoo

There is a modern clown portrayal in body art that is always present in one of two items: the innocent and gentle clown or the clown’s evil equivalent.

The clown tattoos that are kinder always present the shatter of the vividly made-up characters with bushy wigs and baggy clothes.

Creepy clown tattoo

Full bust or body is always put beside balloons, getting out of a car that is undersized. The clown tattoos are scary presenting the same appearance.

But they wear features that are more ominous like pointed and large teeth that are usually covered with blood, cat eyes that are glowing and wrinkled brows.

Such style features ordinary items like flames or weapons, or writhing snakes for hair, and demon or skeletal characteristics.

Scary clown tattoo

There are many clown tattoos portraying a similarity of a well-known character. The Bozo clown is one however there are many unclear but interesting characters that may be utilized.

Clown shoulder tattoo

Two ideas that are interesting may be the clown Cepillin with painted eyebrows and beard, and white, large lips and red nose or even a version of the tramp clown Emmett Kelly.

Such a style bears a realistic design.

Clown feet tattoos

But you may easily have any of the real life characters and form a posted of circus design.

Generally these bear very bright colour and present the clown at the maximum level.

Clown drawing tattoo

To many people, the clown is an item of fear as the appearance of a clown is out of proportion compared to reality.

To other people they are a symbol of innocent fun.

But you may select to portray such character, you will without any hesitation render an impact on each person that may see it.