Compass Tattoo Ideas & Designs

The compass tattoos are much like other symbols of maritime like the swallows or the nautical star and were always a navigating symbol whenever you are in the rough seas.

At present, it is a navigating symbol through existence or simply it is a talisman to assist in looking a way through it.

Compass and roses tattoo

The compass rose is one of the regularly viewed compass tattoos.

Such elegant figure is just a simple design with a small circle and two stars located on top of one another and a rose at the middle and the directions are put at each of the tip.

Colourful compass tattoo

But there are many people who select to form more detailed art piece with these corresponding compass tattoos.

They are viewed in bronze or gold colours or in yellow, red, blue or orange shades.

Compass arm tattoo

You may be able to form a piece that resembles sketches, metallic jewelry or twist the stars to make Celtic knots.

You may also place Earth and other planets at the middle for a more appealing design. You may even place the compass at the middle of the planet.

Compass and bird tattoo

There are many people who like to make use of something the same with the style of a steampunk in their compass tattoos.

Generally these pieces present older compasses and some include the star or rose compass.

Compass chest tattoo

However they always present a simple face with a silver body with a gold or tarnished colour.

The faces may display the utmost details of the signals of the compass and it may show the zodiac’s twelve signs or it may be a plain face showing the directions and dials only.

Compasses and chart thigh tattoo

You may also portray the compass’ inner workings for this style or present it dangling from a chain like an old watch.

Compass, rope and anchor tattoo

Some of the people move away from the ordinary compass tattoos and utilize items that are more extraordinary.

For instance, you may be able to see a Nordic or Vegvisir compass that portrays runes to replace directions.

You may also view different compass types like the astro or prismatic or varieties of lodestone.

Compass inside skull tattoo

Even if the styles changed through time, the compass tattoos were a symbol of looking for directions and this will most likely not change in an instant.