Cross Tattoo Ideas & Designs

Cross tattoos are really popular and you don’t have to be a sincere follower of any religion to have it printed on your skin.

Any tattoo artist may even tell you that Celtic tattoo designs in the general sense are really in demand.

But Celtic crosses are one of the most well-known cross tattoo designs.

Cross with doves tattoo

Celtic cross tattoos are really made up of detailed knot work as it is never beginning and never ending.

Some of the people even decide on the Celtic cross tattoos because of their beauty.

Celtic cross tattoo

They really have a deeper meaning than to others. Scottish, Irish and Welsh descendants usually have a Celtic cross tattoo to present their pride in their heritage.

The cross represents also the constant development of the spiritual side.Another design of cross tattoo that you may get is the Iron Cross because of their heritage.

The Iron cross originally was the Teutonic Knights symbol in the 14th century.

Abstract cross tattoo

In the later period it was transformed into a symbol of the German military in 1870.

At present those people who ever decide on having Iron cross tattoos may have them as they symbolize strength and honor.

The Iron cross is a smaller version of the typical cross that is wider at each end of the cross.

Cross with stitches tattoo

Generally the Gothic cross has no heritage or religious based meaning behind it. The basis is on the Christian cross.

However it is always the focal point in a tattoo design together with some items like swords, knives or the wires that are woven through it.

Cross neck tattoo

The Christian cross tattoo is another very well-known cross tattoo design.

Generally there are two main crosses that may be artistically interpreted from the tattoo artist.

The Latin cross is the simple cross that is wooden. The Crucifix is the cross with Jesus on it with the nails possibly included and the crown of thorns.

Cross with patterns tattoo

Using any of these cross tattoo designs you may add anything you need to make it as your own tattoo.

Some of the people reach a decision to obtain a cross tattoo serving as an in loving memory tattoo.

Cross with lion tattoo

Tattoo artists may add a banner easily with the names or dates to be able to fit in into your cross tattoo.

One other well-known idea is the rosary beads with the cross at the end of the rosary.

A tattoo artist may work around covering the beads encircling your wrist.

Jesus on the cross tattoo

For the symbolism that is less religious, some of the people may prefer to have cross tattoos that is designed out of the items that may not generally be considered a cross.

For instance, there are crossing two swords in the middle or even a skull with crossing blades.

Others bear the enjoyment of a simple wooden cross with the roses or vines covered with it. There are indeed endless possibilities.