Crown Tattoo Ideas & Designs

The crowns as well as the crown tattoos signify the superiority symbols together with power and regality.

Crown hand tattoo

These are some of the basic ideas but many people merely allocate their own meaning to these symbols.

Some like items that are cute while still others prefer a serious meaning about it.

Queen and king crowns arm tattoos

There are many people who prefer to make their own crown tattoos to be the main artwork attraction.

The Imperial and the tiara crowns are two of the most well-known crown tattoos in this style.

Crown tattoo ideas

The Imperial crown always has a domed or flat top with the same shape with that of a mushroom and is enclosed by bands of metal and ornamented with many jewels.

The tiara tattoo is small and is enclosed as well with jewels always with white diamonds and at times with blue gems or with red shade or dark green shade.

These may be viewed with names, dates or sayings like king or princess.

Tiger in crown tattoo

Some of the crown tattoos bring a religious meaning.

For instance, a crown of thorns may be wrapped around an arm or on top of the sacred heart or around a star.

The crown of life symbolizing solid faith even if there is prosecution is another well-known choice.

Queen in crown over castle tattoo

There are different ways to portray this image.

It may be a European crown that is engulfed in light or a Latin cross topped with any crown type.

Another idea for this style is to make use of all five Christian crowns—the crowns of victory, life, righteousness and the soul winner.

Skull in crown tattoo

In this portrayal, you may present five crowns all different as they have various colours and styles: one on bottom, one on top, or left or right and the last at the middle.

You may add also the quotes from the bible that is partnered with each.

Crown wrist tattoos

At times, there are people who like their crowns to be worn and may be put on top of the skeleton’s head, on an animal like the zebra or a lion, a king or queen in the form of a cartoon.

They may also be put at the head or on a heart of an astrological sign.

Crown finger tattoo ideas

The crown tattoos may be able to make a bold statement of how the tattoo wearer views himself.

They may relay to the onlooker that this person may be religious or confident or may be in complete control of their own life.