Dagger Tattoo Ideas & Designs

Generally the dagger tattoos have a very deep meaning of sacrifice.

This is logical as the dagger was utilized for the animal and human sacrifices.

It is utilized also by many military people who made sacrifices for the good of their own cause.

Dagger foot tattoo

The dagger may also be viewed as a protection symbol and even a particular toughness amount.

The feeling of being dangerous and being armed leads to the strength of a specific symbol.

Colourful dagger tattoo

Most of the dagger tattoos present the piercing of the blade as another vital symbol like the flower, heart, skull and the fruit.

The combination of the dagger through the heart is one of the familiar disparities.

It is usually thought of to be a manifestation of the betrayal or pain for a love lost. It may also be a rejection of the romantic things and was regarded as a unique result of the sacred heart.

Dagger and a bird tattoo

Some of the interesting design changes are to form an anatomical heart with a dagger in the detailed style of a portrait.

In ancient China, the cherry was regarded as an immortality symbol.

A dagger pushing through the cherry’s hard pit may symbolize the difference between imminent death and eternal life.

Dagger and rose tattoo

The dagger tattoos almost express various symbols.

At present, the caduceus symbol is ordinarily utilized by professionals in the field of medicine.

But caduceus which is a dagger interconnected with a set of wings and two snakes, was once regarded as a peace talisman.

Minimalistic dagger tattoo

Some of the people prefer to form a different version of this and utilize a serpentine dragon to replace the two snakes or a flowering large vine that is covering the blade.

Feathers, flames and even the pin up models covered around the weapon are ordinary symbols.

Dagger tattoo ideas

Some of the dagger tattoos are presented all by themselves.

They are cutting through or sitting on top of the skin of the tattoo wearer or just creating a jagged rip in.

Daggers are usually carefully designed in an intricate manner and may make a beautiful tattoo.

Dagger and snake tattoo

The blade may have a scroll work pattern along the edges. It may be wavy, straight, or curved.

The pommel is the most comprehensive aspect and may present patterns that are engraved, jewels and may be shaped in a scorpion tail’s form.

Dagger with flowers tattoo

The dagger tattoos express a particular amount of raw aggression.

But these weapons that are beautifully designed are created masterfully and when they are transferred to ink they may make a unique art piece.