Daisy Tattoo Ideas & Designs

In the general sense, daisy tattoos usually represents peace and simplicity.

Such designs are often to be a feminine style.

But if placed beside contrasting symbols or in various other colours, daisy tattoos tend to develop a more unisex appeal.

Colourful daisies tattoo

Even if the white daisy tattoos are the symbol of innocence and purity, there are surplus of colours that you may utilize to present various meanings.

A bold red may deliver vitality and confidence while the yellow signifies wisdom and joy.

Daisy bicep tattoo

Purple may express seduction and mystery while blue expresses spirituality and peace.

Using this style, you may utilize just one daisy or a bouquet expressing all of the colour selection.

You may also form a chain to cover your arms, stomach or legs with each bloom to blossom from a strong vine.

Daisy leg tattoo

The daisy tattoos present occasionally a merger between the flower and other symbols.

Daisies arm tattoo

One interesting idea is that the flower’s Olde English derivative of the day’s eye should be played off.

In this portrayal, you may present the simple white daisy, an eye at the middle, and the sun’s bright rays at the back.

You may also portray the nymph Belides as transformed hazily and gently into the daisy’s shape.

Daisy wrist tattoo

The daisy tattoos may also present other greenery.

It is ordinary to view the daisy modestly put in a bunch of flowers taking into consideration all the plants are a symbolism source.

Daisy with geometric shapes tattoo

But if you like to put an emphasis on your flower, you may make the bouquet of daisies bigger or even make one oversize daisy at the middle of the bunch of flowers.

You may also portray your flowers as a unique variant of the space and Earth.

Unrooted daisy tattoo

The daisy’s centre may present small cities and towns with a hustle and bustle of activity on the surface while all the other chosen blooms may portray the surrounding planets and stars.

Small daisies tattoo

Most of the daisy tattoos are really simple.

They show generally a discreet and small white flower that is blooming from the skin.

But these tiny and ordinary plants may be utilized to form wild and creative and astonishing art pieces.