Deer Tattoo Ideas & Designs

The deer is regarded as one of the most elegant creatures on this planet.

Deer tattoos signify the charm, elegance and innocence that the deer symbolizes. Some of the deer tattoos portray this animal as one of the many myth incarnations.

Deer and lake tattoo

For instance you may use the Artemis image, the Greek hunting goddess, riding a carriage with four deer’s that has gold horns.

You may also present Hercules showing off a fourth deer to Artemis.

In some of the tribes of Native American, the deer plays a significant role as symbols of regrowth, love, fertility and spirituality.

Deer chest tattoo

They are also visualized in the Native American zodiac for the people who are born between the dates May 21 and June 10.

You may easily have a totem style that is colourful for this design or present your deer in a star outline.

Deer side tattoo

There are many people who like deer tattoos with a more realistic feel.

For this style type, you may see often the bust of the deer with long and sturdy antlers and even the face’s peaceful expression.

Deer finger tattoo

These are often done but shown occasionally with a cloudy sky background or maybe a rolling field or a breeze blowing at the back.

While the bust may be considered one of the well-known deer tattoos, it is common to view a style in its full body presenting the muscles, short tail with a solid tan coat or skin that is covered with white spots.

Deer and fisherman tattoo

Even if most of the deer tattoos present a gentle creature, some of the people like to form something that appears a little stronger.

One of the examples may be to portray two bucks charging one another.

Deer arm tattoo

But you may try to create many unusual images of this creature.

You may utilize the antlers and skull for a more critical picture.

You may also present a half buck, or a half body builder merging in the style of a cartoon.

Black and white deer tattoo

Some prefer to utilize a tribal design for their deer tattoos with dark sharp lines: the creation of branches stemming from a rounded, long head base.

Forest outlining deer tattoo

You may create many scenes and images of this specific animal.

But whatever the design you select, you may try to wear it with confidence knowing that you are having one of the major symbols of natural and wild beauty.