Demon Tattoo Ideas & Designs

For many people, the demon tattoos have important connotations that are negative. But to other people, demons may symbolize the struggle between good and evil.

The demon images over so many periods of time became the symbol of both the bad and good in the divine to becoming a figure of Satan.

For other people, demon tattoos may symbolize their own nature of mischievousness or present a relation with their feeling with the dark things in life.

Full back demon tattoo

Most of the demon tattoos present the darker side of the image. Such figures are always presented in monotone colours.

However when they are coloured they are viewed always in bold greens, blues and reds.

Colourful demon tattoo ideas

This demon is the same in an outline in the normal way to a version that is filled out of the bones and a skull.

The teeth are shown in a threatening grin and the eyes are sunken in.

Another demon version is the big muscular equivalent version wherein it has a big square jawed face.

Raging demon tattoo

But in both of these cases, these demons have a waggish grin intended to determine the playful nature of this specific creature.

Such tattoo variety often presents other symbols like weapons, flames, tears, barbed wire and religious symbols as well.

Full body demons tattoo

Calls for demon tattoos that are cheekier are done and are usually viewed in the style of a cartoon. This shows a more spiritual portrayal of the figure.

Asian style demon tattoo

Such images are often viewed as red little creatures with a forked tail and horns, always holding a pitchfork and fully clad in garb of children.

They also have a naughty expression as if they are about to do something bad and seems to be enjoying each part.

Demon with flowers tattoo

There are many people who also prefer demon tattoos that portray the good and evil war.

You may utilize a scene similar to classic paintings that portray a malevolent and strong demon that is fighting with a winged and righteous angel.

Demons tattoo drawing

These images always present the two characters in a manner that is very realistic and are set in a scene of a cloudy and blue heaven or even fiery or red hell.

Demon leg tattoo

There are various demon tattoos. You should make a decision on what you prefer to express with this pieces whether you darker side or your personality’s impishness.