Dog Tattoo Ideas & Designs

The dog image for many centuries has been the symbol of a happy and loyal spirit.

They were also seen as the companions and protector of man.

Dog tattoos are intended to be an emblem for this.

They are intended also to present these qualities in the personality of the wearer of the tattoo or the love of the animal itself.

Black and white dog tattoo

There are many dog tattoos that are gathered from images of real life and are usually the pet of the wearer of the tattoo.

These are always done in a portrait style.

It is quite common that these pieces present the dog image in action like jumping to get a ball, running through a field, or rolling around on the ground.

Colourful dog calf tattoo

At times these portrayals may show the growling dog or on the moment of attacking.

This style is utilized as a memorial to a pet that just died.

It needs to present only the neck, head and shoulders together with the name and other dates.

Black dog tattoo

Some of the dog tattoos present a style like a cartoon.

The characteristics of the animal in this design are more exaggerated and they always display human attributes.

One of the most common images display a beast with shining large eyes, ears that are prick up and a long tongue.

Dog with flowers tattoo

There is a more aggressive style and is also favored and well-known when forming a combination between human and animal.

They display at times a big muscular upper body and small legs that are bent and dressed in blue jeans and boots that are always manipulating a weapon.

Dog paw marks tattoo

There is also a more elegance style of dog tattoos that you may utilized.

Such images vary from simple outlines to something related with the coloured Fu dogs.

The Fu or foo dogs are those closely related breeds that look like the prehistoric guardian lions of China.

Artistic dog tattoo ideas

You may get the features of a chow chow that is the initial model for the guardian lion, pug or Pekingese and form a pair of male and female with big eyes, fierce expression and a streaming mane.

Watercolour dog tattoo

These are done always in bold red colours, blues, yellows and at times greens.

But you may utilize the natural colours of the breed that you like and maybe get the natural shades with a flash of blue lights or red flame in the background.

Dog and fish tattoo

Even if the dog tattoos may present a breed that you like, they are utilized to show a special relationship that is felt with a specific furry and lovable animal.