Dolphin Tattoo Ideas & Designs

The dolphin tattoos may represent many items like freedom, wisdom and a love for the open waters.

The men and women everywhere are starting to like this design tremendously most especially for those people who have empathy for the ocean and all the life found within it.

Dolphins at sea tattoo

A dolphin leaping on the water is one of the most well-known dolphin tattoo image.

One exciting variation is providing a skin’s portion the appearance of the surging body of water while the dolphin’s head seems to push it away out of the surface.

Dolphin with turtle tattoo

The dolphin tattoos may also present various patterns and symbols.

Instead of using real waves, scrollwork waves or blue tribal designs may be included.

Dolphins back tattoo

There is a diversity of symbolism that may be utilized like dolphins swimming in circle motions within a pool, or bi-coloured dolphins entangled to be able to form a yin yang symbol, or a Celtic knot with the three tails connected in the middle.

Dolphin neck tattoo

Dolphins that are boldly coloured may also form an exceptional heart emblem with the meeting of the fins, curved bodies and touching noses with a kiss.

Happy dolphin face tattoo

There are dolphin tattoos that are always viewed in the style of a cartoon.

But some of the people like to utilize a more approach that is realistic and form something that is similar to a portrait.

Bright blue dolphin tattoo

A unique portrait of dolphin tattoos may have the anatomical structure recreated and may be viewed in any book of marine biology especially for those people with a scientific interest.

Dolphin symbol tattoos

You may also utilize the man and beast art style as many people will have the dolphin tattoos because of an attraction or a personal bond that they feel. This may be portrayed as a person swimming in step with this mammal or the union of the swimming man with the dolphin or the man turning into a dolphin or vice versa.

Dolphin foot tattoo

So if you are fond of this design due to interest in an aesthetic manner or the reason may be because of a more personal link, the dolphin tattoos will present your spirit and will remind you to like your freedom and your life.