Dragonfly Tattoo Ideas & Designs

Like the fairy or the angel, the dragonfly tattoos are popular for the women.

This is maybe because the dragonflies look very gentle and are delicate creatures.

There are many ways wherein the dragonfly tattoos may symbolize a free spirit since they have the ability to fly away any time.

Blue dragonfly tattoo

It also exemplifies the light since the shell has an extraordinary combination of minerals and proteins reflecting the sun are light in a special way the dragonflies have.

In addition, the dragonfly represents wisdom, invincibility and agility in the traditional beliefs of the Native American.

It is the world of the spirit’s messenger. The reason is that it is a part of the two separate areas: water and air.

Futuristic dragonfly tattoo

Since it is able to pass through two different worlds, the Native Americans alleged that it was able to pass between the spirit’s world and our world.

Watercolour dragonfly tattoo

The dragonfly’s image is usually connected with imagination and creativity.

The dragonfly tattoos became popular as the wings flutter in the air to bring magic and fairy images thus putting the dragonfly in a romantic way.

Small dragonfly neck tattoo

The variety and size of the dragonfly tattoos competes the interpretation amount of the symbol.

There are common places wherein you may have a dragonfly tattoo like the lower back, ankle, thigh, shoulder, upper arm and neck.

Large dragonfly back tattoo

There are many women who like small distinct dragonfly tattoos that cover easily.

There are still other women who like bigger monuments to the dragonfly on their bodies. The dragonfly tattoos look wonderful in either way.

Dragonfly and other insects tattoo

There are common designs ranging from the elegant and simple black dragonflies to the complicated and very colourful ones.

Since the dragonfly tattoos are very well-known designs, they are limitless in the literal sense.

Dragonfly back tattoo

There are dragonfly tattoos that look the same as a real dragonfly and there are still others that use some imagination thus making them more look like a dragon.

Some of the designs include words, stars, cross, hearts, Chinese symbols, and other images.

Dragonfly and blue stone tattoo

It is not at all hard to see why these tattoos have become so well-known because of all this.

The dragonfly is a perfect selection for any person who likes to have a tattoo done.