Eagle Tattoo Ideas & Designs

The eagle tattoos are a freedom expression for many years already.

The eagle’s appearance has been connected with patriotism and pride.

Eagle shoulder tattoo

However they also create striking art pieces all for themselves.

The majority number of eagle tattoos presents the American bald eagle which is often portrayed with wings that are spread wide and even an expression that looks determined on their face.

Eagle and lion tattoo

They have wide brown wings, a yellow beak and white head and talons and golden eyes that are striking.

Generally these eagles are presented beside a waving American flag or interconnected with the bird’s body.

An idea for this specific design is to put the eagle in flight together with the flag being a part of the wings that are flapping.

Tribal eagle tattoo

Even if the bald eagle is very well-known in eagle tattoos, there are many different kinds of this creature.

There are many people who like to utilize the bigger eagle types for their piece as they like more detail.

For instance when there are spread wings, the wings of the eagle sport a bold gray and white pattern.

Eagle look tattoo

The harpy eagle is also popular for its great strength and speed and capable of bringing big mammals dwelling on trees.

Its name was based on the harpies of Greek mythology and may be portrayed in the art of tattoo as bringing off the spirits of the dead to Hades.

Eagle chest tattoo

You may also present an image of the eagle of Wahlberg that is more serene and peacefully sitting on a branch with golden brown leaves falling and watching peacefully the landscape before it.

Colourful eagle tattoo

There are also still many who create amazing eagle tattoos.

The eagle that is short toed has bushy brown and white feathers and a beak that is like a needle.

But the deep expression of the bald eagle is still maintained.

Hunting eagle tattoo

The bird’s main prey is the snakes and you may portray easily the effort between the small but equally strong snake and the eagle.

Watercolour eagle tattoo

These creatures form many scenes and have been converted into many art mediums.

Eagle tattoos are not exempted when the subject is presenting the essence of their wild distinctiveness and also the freedom that they represent.