Egyptian Tattoo Ideas & Designs

The Egyptian tattoos are those tattoos that make use of Japanese.

You may ask, why so? These tattoos are directly taken from the art of Egyptian and symbology.

Egyptian tattoos are designed beautifully making use of ancient emblems that are taken from different artworks or hieroglyphics.

Colorful Nefertiti tattoo

Some of the well-known Egyptian gods that may be incorporated into tattoos are the following:

Anubis neck tattoo
  • Bastet – the goddess of cat that will make an outstanding tattoo design for a lover of cats.
  • Anubis – the god of the afterlife with the head of a dog and is a great Egyptian tattoo design for the lover of dogs.
  • Horus – god in the form of a human body but bearing the head of a hawk and is a perfect tattoo design for the lover of birds. Horus has the eye that sees everything wherein many of us are all accustomed from the top of the American money’s pyramid. The eye is the captivating selection for the Egyptian tattoo.
Pharaoh with Africa tattoo

The phoenix tattoo may be a great choice with the bird’s symbology escalating from the ashes and may easily attract attention for the lovers of mythical tattoo.

The easiest to recognize emblem of the pyramid is the popular selection for a much simpler Egyptian tattoo.

Pharaoh full back tattoo

The most elegant, simple and easily recognized Egyptian tattoos may be the ankh or the cross with a circular top enclosed.

Pharaoh’s skull tattoo

The images of the well-known kings and queens like Tutankhamen or Ramses 11, Cleopatra or Nefertiti may be the excellent selection for representing the royal status or in this case the queens which is beauty’s high standards.

Pyramid tattoo

If the required selection is asking for individuality, there is nothing more personal than a date or a name that is spelled out in the olden day symbols that is known as the hieroglyphics.

Horus and Anubis tattoo

This is for those people desiring to be more elaborate and is also an excellent selection for anyone who prefers to have an Egyptian tattoo that may be totally original.

Ankh tattoo

The beauty of the hieroglyphics are the symbols like the animals, flowers, birds, among others, that symbolize the individual letters or sounds and may be personalized in a very distinctive method.

Discovering your individuality with the Egyptian tattoos may be exciting that is depending on the choice that you make.